How to build your web3 community

10 Best Practices to run a successful NFT allow list, NFT giveaway, or raffle on to build your web3 community

Avoid creating Twitter-only campaigns

Twitter-only campaigns attract a lot of bots. The percentage of real users who will actually participate in your community is much lower in such campaigns. Creating a Hype project and asking users to register for your giveaway/project on will filter out duplicate entries and eliminate bots.

Make your project public

Make your project public to get exposure to the community of NFT collectors, web3 developers, crypto influencers, and web3 investors. Your project will become visible in the “Explore Projects” section after five registrations and can be eligible to be featured on Twitter and newsletter. Additional exposure will further help build your web3 community.

Avoid Typos in requirements

Please make sure that the required Twitter Account to follow is written case-sensitive. It is needed to verify if users follow the correct account because of how Twitter API works. Please also double check your Discord link is valid and not expired.

Add visual assets

In addition to the backdrop and logo of your project, consider adding a video to your page. This way, your audience can learn more about your project and more people can discover you through video searches. Ensure that you have added a video link and not a link to your YouTube channel.

Add analytics

Add your Google Analytics and/or Facebook/Meta Pixel Id to analyze the traffic coming to your project page. This allows you to get more insights about your users and channels driving the traffic to your project.

Remember to test before going live

Try registering for your project after creating it. This will help you catch expired Discord invite links, typos in your Twitter username, incorrect video links, and other errors. 

Monitor registrations

You can see successful and failed registration attempts for your project on your project’s admin page. Monitor “Incomplete Registrations” from your project’s admin page and check for common failure patterns. Adjust your requirements if you discover any of them that are too hard for your users to meet. 

Start early

Create your project public as early as possible, make it public, and set the registration start and end dates to a future date. This will give you more time to market it.

Collaborate with other projects

Consider collaborating with other web3 projects or institutions to get exposure to their communities and build your communities together. The ability to require users to follow multiple Twitter accounts, join multiple Discord servers, and cross-chain NFT validations make it possible to collaborate with any project on any blockchain in a few additional clicks.

Create multiple projects

Consider creating multiple projects for different audiences and collaborations. An example is, asking for on-chain-only requirements such as NFT validation and wallet balance on one project for the privacy-conscious audience and asking for Email, Twitter, and Discord verification on another for other users.

Building an engaging community of real people is important whether you are developing the next top NFT project, web3 game, or any blockchain project.

Hope you give these tips a try and find them helpful. If you are considering influencer marketing for your web3 project, please also check this post. Have other ideas? Please share with me in the comments! wagmi 👋 is the free premint xyz alternative for Flow, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Klaytn and Ethereum.

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