How to build an NFT Allowlist The free way to create an NFT Allowlist is the easiest way to build high-quality access lists for your web3 project’s mints, giveaways, and raffles. Many top-tier web3 projects create their NFT allowlist and run their NFT giveaways using since its launch.

With the recent explosion in NFT projects, getting your project to the right people has become a key problem. Collectors struggle to discover and gain access to blue chip projects, while creators are forced to manage clumsy NFT allowlists to prevent bots and bad actors from polluting their drop. Several solutions have emerged to address this problem, but their features are limited and price gated. 

Meet, the free way for web3 projects to build high-quality NFT communities for multiple blockchains, including Flow, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Klaytn, and Solana.  

What is 

Developed in venture studio Fractal Capital,’s founders have many years of experience as serial entrepreneurs and seasoned engineers. Among the founding team are the former lead engineer for Snapchat stories, and the Microsoft Windows Wireless Networking tech lead.

Having experienced the limitations of existing web3 community-building solutions ourselves, our mission was to provide a top-notch solution for free. A solution that equips web3 builders and NFT creators with the best tools to build, engage and reward their community. Whether creating a premium allowlist, raffle, or an NFT giveaway, assists you before, during, and after your campaign. SDK lets NFT creators and web3 projects create branded project pages on their own websites. You can use API to programmatically query registration status when you need it.

Configure your requirements for any of our supported blockchains, and get a jumpstart in building your community. It is free to sign up, free to start, and free to launch! 

How to build an NFT Allowlist, Raffle, or Giveaway on

Setting up a project on is easy, with a full-feature set needed to build out your community with a few clicks. Just go to our website, click Login/Register, and then Create a Project.  

Setting Registration Requirements

Customize requirements for your project, including:

Wallet Holdings

  • Setting a minimum crypto balance to ensure collectors can afford your NFT. We support Flow, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Klaytn, and Solana projects.
  • Holding an NFT from a particular NFT collection. Collaborate with other web3 projects, and require (and validate!) users to own a specific NFT from each other’s collection. Alternatively, restrict your allowlist to holders of blue chip NFT projects only to ensure premium collectors.
  • Cross-chain NFT checks allow collaborations among projects on any supported chain. For instance, A Solana NFT project can require registrants to hold an NFT from a collection on Ethereum.

Social KYC

  • Validating the user’s Twitter account. You can set account age limits, minimum number of Twitter followers, and require them to follow your projects and retweet a post. We hate bots!
  • Validating the user’s Discord account. Ask your users to join your Discord server(s). You can also only allow specific roles to register for maximum exclusivity.
  • Email verification so you can build a permanent connection with your community via newsletters and project updates.

Custom Requirements

  • Custom requirements can also be configured for less hard-and-fast rules than the above, such as uploading a screenshot of a review on a website, etc.
NFT Allowlist Wallet requirements: Balance check and NFT validation

Scheduling Your Campaign

Once your requirements are set, you can schedule the list for a particular start and end date, or restrict it to a maximum number of entries. 

NFT Allowlist Signup Access settings
How an access list, NFT giveaway or raffle page looks like on

Before you push your project life, you can preview your NFT whitelist page and validate each requirement:

Remember to check this post on best practices to make the most of your Hype project.

Once your requirements are set, push your project live and promote your unique link to get users into your web3 project.

Monitoring Your Campaign

Once users begin signing up, you can view the entire list of people who have signed up, including their social profiles, emails, and any other information you have collected via You can download the information as a .csv file, allowing you to further analyze your data. Hype API also lets project owners query the registration status of a wallet address programmatically.

NFT Alllowlist Admin page: Monitoring the NFT collector registrations

Admin dashboard is where you can see a live view of incomplete registrations. Here, you can see where users are dropping off from the registration. This feature helps determine if your requirements are too hard to meet: for example, you require too many Twitter followers for the market to support. You can use this data to make necessary adjustments to your requirements early on. Incomplete registration data can also be exported, allowing you to dig deep into how your signup funnel is performing.

How NFT creators can monitor registration failures on admin dashboard

How to promote your NFT Allowlist, Giveaway, or Raffle

Promoting your crypto community is a critical component of a successful NFT drop. Building buzz and anticipation are vital to getting the word out about your project and give you the best odds of selling out quickly. Here are a few key strategies you can employ: boosting word-of-mouth via organic social posts, collaborating with other web3 projects, working with web3 influencers, and running paid ads on ad platforms. 

Social Media and Collaborations

Establishing a critical mass on relevant social media to your project (especially Twitter and Discord) will provide you with an audience hyper-invested in your brand and primed for your NFT drop. Building a following is fairly straightforward if time-consuming. Posting authentic content, re-sharing relevant information to the industry, and following and friending top accounts in the space are all proven strategies to build a modest but engaged following. None of these tactics cost money, so they are a great way to gain traction for free. 

Collaborating with other similarly-sized web3 projects is another great promotion tactic, mutually beneficial to both parties. Contacting web3 projects that are further along than you can be successful if your project is particularly unique and compelling. On the other hand, since you benefit far more from the association, it can be a challenging sell. Targeting projects around the same size as yours is a much easier way to grow your community, and you can then graduate to larger projects as your allowlist expands.

Paid Channels

Top NFT projects recognize that utilizing paid channels like FB and Twitter ads can only help them gain exposure, especially as the space becomes more crowded. Willingness to drop a meaningful budget on paid ads can exponentially increase your exposure, especially with campaigns optimized for signups.

In concert, all of these tactics lead to a successful NFT drop, but each is a specialized strategy hard to execute guerilla-style. NFT marketing requires a technology-focused approach to advertising, and partnering with a performance marketing agency like Blitz Growth experienced with web3 marketing can add rocket fuel to your drop. 

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